What We Do

Custom Software

Providing next-generation custom software development services, no matter the industry.

Tech9 works hand-in-hand with clients worldwide to create full-spectrum, custom software solutions that wow. Whether it’s an MVP, or building an entire product suite, we’ve done it before—and we can do it for you.
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What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development services envelop the process of design, creation, and deployment of custom software. Also known as bespoke software, this type of software offers greater flexibility and can work within a narrow set of requirements.

Tech9 offers custom software application development services for all types of industries, building everything from product suites to mobile applications. We prioritize communication with each client, working alongside one another to achieve goals and exceed expectations. We believe that every client should live #TechHappily ever after—and they certainly can with the help of our team of development experts.

Defining and Prioritizing

Our engineers are agile builders, problem solvers, and realists with experience developing custom software independently or integrating with your existing engineering teams.

Technology Agnostic

At Tech9, we don't push or promote certain technology on your business. This lets us focus completely on picking the perfect tech stack to develop and expand the software solutions your company needs.

Launch, Expand, Maintain

Launching a new software product is never a one-and-done situation. Whatever you're building, Tech9 does the leg work for developing and launching new features, as well as maintaining your software to avoid costly crashes or bugs.

A Note on Building Custom

Companies that depend on software to solve business problems and fuel growth face a difficult decision: invest in custom software designed specifically for their needs or roll the dice on an off-the-shelf solution. With Tech9, you can get all the benefits of building custom software for your business without sacrificing quality or blowing up your budget.

Our Other Services

Full-Services Team

A completely outsourced development team to create custom solutions.


Strategic product design with intuitive UX, leading to lower costs and happier experiences.

Staff Augmentation

A completely outsourced development team to create custom solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of custom software?

Our experienced engineers are ready to tackle any custom software project you dream up, no matter the size or scope. We have years of experience building websites, apps, internal company software, and other systems to enhance your business.

What are the advantages of custom software?

Just like a custom-tailored suit is designed to fit the wearer, custom-built software is made specifically to fit one unique business. This tailored solution offers greater flexibility and compatibility with existing systems. It’s typically much easier to operate and manage than off-the-shelf software systems and offers companies a strong competitive advantage.

What are examples of custom software?

Custom software is utilized by small businesses and large corporations alike, including Vivint Solar, Tesani, Lashbrook, Harmons Grocery, and more. We’ve helped these businesses build unique solutions to help grow their business and better serve customers. Explore our Clutch Profile to see examples of our custom software development services.