Why Tech9

We are a happy team of artists, creators, engineers, and tech geeks on a mission to build the next big thing in the software industry. Do you have software needs? Let’s #TechHappily together.
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Our Origin Story

After years working in the tech industry we discovered a missing level of happiness. We were shocked by the huge percentage of software that got written but never used. Not happy. We were disappointed by software sent to clients that was clunky or user un-friendly. Not happy. And we were aware of too many clients who were frustrated communicating with a team that only spoke tech. Very not happy.

That’s why we set out to create a software development company that builds the right thing, the right way—software that gets used. A place where customers are heard, understood, and ended up with products that are exactly what they are looking for. We built a company that creates “Cloud-9” level happiness for all.Tech-ing should be a happy experience. A journey leading to software that meets needs, solves problems, increases user engagement and improves customer experience.

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