What Do Tech9 Employees Say About Working at Tech9?

Josh Bingham

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What Do Tech9 Employees Say About Working at Tech9?

When the co-founders of Tech9 formed the company, they believed software engineers deserved more happiness as they created helpful and innovative websites/applications. Since our founding over 7 years ago, the executive management team is still just as passionate about that mission.


Over the years, Tech9 has earned a stellar reputation for creating an environment software engineers are drawn to. How else could the company earn a 4.8/5 on Glassdoor?! Not an easy achievement and Tech9 is proud of that accomplishment.  Details here.


Tech9 has earned a few recent awards from employee ratings, including:

  • 2020, 2021: Best Companies to Work for in Utah (ready more about that here)
  • 2021-2022:  Great Place to Work Certified:  India (read more about that here)

Employees Talk

We have asked our employees what they like most about working at Tech9 and after evaluating their answers, we noticed some key categories which I will list and share some direct quotes from our Tech9ers.

Happiness (we are thrilled to get this feedback since it’s our founding principle)






Being Valued

Latest Survey

A survey we completed in June 2022 with our software engineers in India and Latin America found many positive comments about great teammates, work-life balance, management, and the Tech9 happiness culture..

One Tech9er commented, “There is no micro management, work life & professional life balance is great, very nice/humble and helpful people, and supportive teammates.”

Another spoke to our commitment to transparency, “Above all, good and honest top level management, with transparency I have never encountered from other companies.”


This is truly a company made by software engineers for software engineers.

Come work in a company environment that helps you feel happy and valued, enjoy helpful and intelligent teammates and lastly feel confident we are led by honest and open management who care about your growth.

Interested?  Come check out our current open positions and make the move!

About Tech9

Tech9 is a custom software development company started in 2015 by four software development veterans who were tired of seeing failed projects and undelivered expectations. The founders created Tech9 to build technology the right way– because companies deserve better than cut-rate software.

With various global locations, Tech9 employs over 100 top tier software developers from the United States, Eastern Europe, Central America, and India. Tech9 has distinguished itself from other software companies by:

  1. Curating top development talent in multiple countries
  2. Building and retaining high-performing remote teams
  3. Delivering cost-effective quality
  4. Creating long-term successful partnerships with clients

Tech9 successfully delivers “Cloud-9” level happiness to every client. Learn what it means to “tech-happily” at tech9.com/philosophy.

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