GoodFirms: “Tech9 Develops Software Solutions That Achieve Business Goals”


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Headquartered in Utah, Tech9 is a custom software development firm that believes “tech-ing” should be a pleasurable experience. Those who work with Tech9 are insured to be pleased with the software they receive, their journey, and the positive business results.

Tech9 was established in 2015 by four software development veterans who were tired of seeing failed projects and expectations that were not met. They saw many businesses accept subpar technology because it appeared to be their only option. The founders founded Tech9 to build technology the right way–because businesses deserve better than mediocre software.

Tech9 is now recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, with a 513 percent revenue growth over the last three years. Tech9 is also recognized as Utah’s 20th fastest-growing company. Tech9 employs over 100 top-tier software developers from the United States, Eastern Europe, Central America, and India across multiple global locations. Tech9 distinguishes itself from other software firms by:

  1. Identifying and developing top development talent across multiple countries
  2. Establishing and retaining high-performance remote teams
  3. Providing cost-effective quality
  4. Establishing long-term, fruitful client relationships

Many B2B technology companies use GoodFirms to find and promote software products and services. It has upwards of 40,000 genuine customer ratings and reviews to help you make the best management decisions.

The matrix methodology used by GoodFirms is the structured procedure by which it ranks organizations on its different service pages. The flagship Leaders matrix developed by GoodFirms is based on a company performance algorithm. It evaluates an organization’s overall performance against a set of predefined metrics and competencies, such as Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

Similarly, GoodFirms evaluated Tech9 and concluded that the company would soon be dubbed the leading business among software development firms.

Tech9’s goal is to create raving fans who understand that they are part of their team from start to finish. The company collaborates with clients worldwide to develop full-spectrum, custom software solutions that stand out. The team is experienced in developing MVPs, web applications, mobile apps, or building an entire product suite.

The organization provides custom software application development services for businesses of all sizes, creating everything from product suites to mobile apps. They prioritize communication with each client, collaborating to achieve goals and exceed expectations.

Moreover, the organization believes that every client should be able to live #TechHappilyEverAfter, and Tech9 most certainly can with the assistance of the development team.

The developers at Tech9 do not push or promote specific technology for your company. This allows them to concentrate solely on selecting the best technology stack for developing and expanding the software solutions required by your company.

Tech9 assists businesses that rely on software to solve business problems and fuel growth in making difficult decisions. The team also advises business owners on whether to invest in custom software designed specifically for their needs or go with an off-the-shelf solution.

As a result, the engineers’ team is supported by agile builders, problem solvers, and realists with experience developing custom software independently or integrating with your existing engineering teams would soon endow Tech9 to lead as one of the best custom software development companies.

The Tech9 team believes that Tech-ing should be a pleasurable experience. A path that leads to software that meets needs solves problems, increases user engagement, and enhances the customer experience.

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